What are the long-terms goals for the Ethereum blockchain? Vitalik Buterin explains live at EthCC


On Thursday, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, shared his long-term imaginative and prescient for the namesake blockchain reside on the annual Ethereum Neighborhood Convention, or EthCC, in Paris. As advised by Buterin, Ethereum is at present at an inflection level, or interval of speedy change, earlier than the ecosystem’s functionality will finally cool down. 

Presently, the foremost precedence for Ethereum is constructing an easy-to-use gentle shopper for the consensus layer, execution layer, and layer-2 options by default. Subsequent is best help for residence stakers or these trying to validate community transactions when Ethereum transitions to a proof-of-stake blockchain however possess lower than the required 32 Ether (ETH). Lastly, Buterin believes it’s important that Ethereum can finally be run on a full node with lighter {hardware}.

As for the long-horizon roadmap, Buterin plans to improve Ethereum with higher cryptographic applied sciences, probably for quantum resistance, if they arrive out and moreover additional combine with zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines, or zk-EVMs, should they work out. “We also need to keep an open mind,” says Buterin. “We don’t know exactly what the needs of 2032 will demand.”

But the Ethereum co-founder also shared his skepticism about a few other potential opportunities. These include adding support for multiple, complex virtual machines, getting too comfortable with black box technologies such as zk-SNARKs or making the protocol so complicated as to render it incomprehensible with out assistance from specialists. Ethereum is on the verge of its proof-of-stake transformation dubbed the “Merge.” Regardless of being over two years within the making, some developers are still skeptical about whether there will be a safe transition. 

Vitalik Buterin speaking at EthCC | Source: Cointelegraph Events Manager Maria A.